[Zurich] Kita costs in tax declaration

Hello, it’s THAT time of the year again since last year we started sending one of our 2 kids to the kita a few days per week. I have three questions regarding the tax declaration (C permit):

  1. Do I understand correctly that I can only deduct childcare costs if both parents are employed/in training or unable to take care due to illness?

  2. In any case, where exactly do I put this item in the tax declaration form? I know for the “paper” one is point 16.6 of the “Abzüge” form, but I cannot find explicitly it in the online tax declaration form . Is it “Sonstige Abzüge” and then I just write down “kita”?

  3. I know there is a cap of 10’100 CHF per kid (and I know that they’re gonna raise it next year), but how does it split between “Staatssteuer” and “Bundessteuer”? The form explicitly asks for these two fields.

Thanks in advance for any useful reply.

Since the OP appears to be comfortable filling out the paper form but less so online ZHprivateTax, the online ZHprivateTax can be switched so that the user can fill it out as forms. Might be worth a try.


The division between Bundes and Kantonal is typically done directly by the system. You just out down all your cost and the system takes the max.

I did not check but I think you put it down at the beginning,when you enter a child and it's birthday etc then you also there somewhere enter the childcare costs

This is on the online version.

I need to finish my tax this weekend so when I fire up the PC can check again.

For Zürich tax declaration:

kita costs needs to be filed directly at the beginning when you mention your kids. (personal datas= persönliches)

It is under 'Fremdbetreuungskosten'.

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I checked and indeed it's right at the start when you add your children etc

Yes, you are all right, thanks, it's just at the beginning, in the "Fremdbetreuungskosten" box. In that box it is indeed not required to split between Staat- and Bund- so another question less

Also, today I got confirmation that kita costs cannot be deducted if one parent is unemployed, i.e. Hausfrau/mann. What is still unclear to me is what happens if one of the parents is partially employed, e.g. 60%, but that's a question for another time.