Full moons this year

The second full moon this year (the Jan moon was the Wolf moon) is the Snow moon, which reached its brightest early this morning. Last night it was gorgeous–bright enough to read a book by, reflected on the snow.


Got up during the night and we were up in the mountains and it was gorgeous!!! Really lovely sight!

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Sunday the 24th will be the worm moon. With the warming soil, the worms have started to become active…I found many while weeding my cutting garden. Unfortunately I also cleared out a last-year’s terrace pot only to find tons of slug eggs, just waiting for the warm weather to hatch!

Tomorrow night the pink or egg moon rises. Moss phlox is blooming. It will look full for 3 nights.

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Tomorrow night the Flower Moon rises. This time it will be accompanied by Antares, a red supergiant star.

June 21 brings the strawberry moon…and the wild ones in my garden have been setting fruit for a couple of weeks now. The next night is Berge in Flammen. For weeks, the locals have climbed to the highest peaks to place torches. They are lighted on Saturday night to outline all the ridges and peaks. It’s an amazing sight every year. The youngsters stay up partying all night, and we in our nachts aufwachen can periodically go out to the balcony and see all the ridges still burning against the pearly sky.

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