Geneva Car Show 2024 - AVOID

If anyone is thinking of going… Don’t!

This was the first car show after a 4 year hiatus and I wish I’d checked the exhibitor list before going because it was an absolute joke. The only flagship car brand was Renault/Dacia and the rest were a handful of EV companies and a few resto-mod exhibitors. And the funniest thing is that most of those companies don’t even have sales in Switzerland (e.g. BYD).

CHF 25 down the drain because I was “in and out” in 30 mins.


Sorry for offtopic remark.
I am hungry! :yum: And it’s 26 weeks until “in and out“ rather than 30 minutes. :scream:


I was curious too but I got the warning via RTS. I should have shared this earlier, subtitles and auto-translate available:

PS. found in a window shop in Milano. Hope it makes you forget the GIMS.


I saw a report on this on TV this week. Looked pretty poor.

Auto Zurich should be good, at least I was quite impressed last year. But you have to wait until November.

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The Internet has been slowly killing motor shows and all such events. Covid was another nail in the coffin…

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Wow moment. :slight_smile:

I posted a picture with three (3!) Koenigsegg on it. And you call one Aston Martin a wow moment? I’m miffed.

Because I suspect she doesn’t play Forza Horizon 5 :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even know what that was. :rofl: I thought it was a beauty…no?

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A few more impressions from Auto Zurich last November if I may.


I’ve been to local car shows in Zurich, Baden and Freiburg im Breisgau, and found them all to be excellent. Its because they comprise local dealers, all coming together under one roof to show off their latest models together with prices, leasing deals etc… I’m more interested in these mainstream cars than Bugatti’s, Lambos etc… extremely boring I know.

I guess GIMS got gimped.

Well you know it is like with haute couture for clothes - you know you wouldn’t really wear anything from a collection…but still enjoy watching it. :slight_smile:

That’s what 50% of the Geneva show used to be like, we’d go when we were considering a new car and have a lovely choice. Most dealers there would offer an additional 10% discount.

There were flash and new cars and the big manufacturers with prototypes as well.

It was this mixture that made the show what it was.

And one of the rare times when German speakers outnumbered the French.

Sadly not any more.

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I have regret, THIS was on Geneva:

Now, I’ll have to go to Torino next September for Salone Auto, it will be a sad trip :frowning:

And just like that, it’s gone:


That’s a shame.

At the same time, I see how car makers are taking different approaches. More youtube and more events where the brand shines.

Also, the COVID cancellations and incertitude did not help at all. So, put COVID somewhere in the epitaph.

This, so much this. Geneva was great because you got to see approachable cars and just have a look and get a sense of what’s around and directly compare things. And around the corner dreams in the metal and composite plastic…

It was actually useful for consumers and enthusiasts, and everyone could have fun. It was an institution of the auto industry so there were also cool reveals etc. COVID destroyed most of the big shows, industry is moving to more “cost efficient” way to promote things, and unfortunately the uber-nice stuff now is at Pebble Beach and the like.

Auto Zurich looks kinda nice, they’re a few exhibitors that bring decent stuff to drool over :slight_smile:

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I guess the main difference is that Auto Zurich is more like a collection of new models, but not major unveils like you used to get at Geneva and the other flagship car shows. Having said that there have been lower level premiers at Auto Zurich like the European premier of the BMW X2 last year. BMW has such a bloated list of models these days that it can afford to launch in-between models and facelifts at smaller shows like AZ.