Hijack of local train between Yverdon and Sainte-Croix

Hostage taker was mortally wounded yesterday. No one else was hurt.


So he's already enjoying the 72 virgins. Good!


Sadly the asylum seekers centre in Boudry has become quite problematic recently.
It mostly houses young men who have a lot of time on their hands with not a lot to do and local residents are feeling quite intimidated by them.

It ́s a translation error, it ́s actually 72 Virginians.

Couldn't care less. He's where he belongs.

As part of the asylum process, there’s a quick evaluation of the mental health of every person asking for asylum. Around 30% of asylum applicants have some PTSD or other issues. No surprise here, if there were no big problems back home, there would be no need to apply for asylum in another country in first place.

So, cantons make this quick mental health screening, more details here:

Well, canton Neuchâtel has quickly jumped to say “the guy was not under our supervision”. https://www.arcinfo.ch/suisse/le-pre…chatel-1362996

I guess the mental health screening process needs a revision and improvement, regardless of the canton where the asylum center is located.

The screening would need to be instantaneous.

There was another case in Cortaillod in December last year where an asylum seeker ran into a school shouting “Allah akbar” and scared everone w-itless.

Turns out he had only been in CH for 3 days…

Well, god is great.

Stands to reason that the allegedly Iranian asylum seeker wasn’t aware of cantonal jurisdiction in Switzerland. Had he been correctly informed by those handling his case, he would have known: only hijack trains in your host canton.

I think this failing of the authorities should be address in a timely manner!

Leaving people hanging around with nothing to do is a dumb idea.

So what is your suggestion?

They are housed, washed, fed, they have recreational facilities and they get a daily cash handout (which they seem to spend on beer and cigarettes as far as I can witness at Neuchatel HB).

What could go wrong, indeed.

Indeed, so do you have other suggestions?

And that is the problem, when people have absolutely nothing to do is when the problems happen - they'll quick spend their money on beer and cigs and then what remains to pass the time???

It's over 45 years ago since I joined the navy and yet I remember it like it was yesterday for the sheer boredom it delivered. We had to wait for a week before the full complement arrived to start training, so we spent the week on the base with nothing to do but drink cheap booze and smoke cheap cigs.... we all ended up spending some of the week in the brig.

They should create EF accounts! Would definitely liven up the place

Which, as intended, prevented you from hijacking trains

Community service.

I have a friend who is employed to teach them french and there are some other things organised for them but it’s not enough.

The problem is it all needs to be funded somehow and the canton doesn’t have an endless supply of cash to spend on asylum seekers.

Which requires a certain amount of French speaking ability and most of them don’t have that.

Funny...you never read such stories with migrants from Ukraine. Makes one wonder why would that be.

Most of those were women and children so it was a totally different demographic.