How best to get from Zurich HB to Letzigrund stadium for the Taylor Swift concert?

From WRS this morning.

Zurich police have been forced to out up barriers around the Mandarin Oriental Savoy after it was besieged by Taylor Swift fans.

The pop star is thought to be staying there ahead of her concerts – the first one tonight.

Initially fans got right up to the doors, the crush nearly broke the glass. Police have now placed barriers to keep them away from the entrance and to allow the traffic to continue to flow.

The first fans have already started to queue for the concert as they’re hoping for a prime spot if they‘re one of the first to allowed in. Some wanted to spend last night there – but that wasn’t allowed.

I have a nice house on a pleasant street with a spare room 60 seconds walk from the stadium, in case you or anyone else wants to avoid the chaos after the concert, market rate negotiable :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you going to sell tickets to listen to the concert from your balcony?

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I could hit a golf ball into the stadium but we don‘t see in directly. I can offer a nice glass of róse while listening in our garden :grinning:

Plenty of swifties queuing alredy this morning when i left for work…… i suspect a few headlines about fainting teens before the day is out with these temperatures


A had a friend a few years ago who lived next to it and had a view of the stadium. It was a few years back now, so maybe my memory is hazy, but IIRC, they put barriers up to stop people from ‘looking in’.

With regard to getting there, they often suggest arriving at Altstetten but its a fairly long walk, at least 20 mins. From the HB, you can take tram 3 directly to albusriederplatz, or tram 14 and then change to trm 3 or 2 at Stauffacher. Can also get off or go to Zurich Hardbrucke and take a bus to Albisriederplatz, from there 5 min walk or tram

From the CFf website. First mention of Special Trams E.

Recommended outward journey.

To Zurich Altstetten, according to the online timetable.

Directions to the Letzigrund Stadium from Zurich Altstetten station:

  • 15 minutes on foot (signposted footpath).
  • With bus line no. 31 to the Zurich, SBB Werkstätte stop.

Alternative outward journey.

To Zurich main station, according to the online timetable.

From Zurich, Bahnhofplatz/main station to Letzigrund Stadium as follows:

  • Take the special event trams (E) to Letzigrund.
  • Tram line no. 3 to Albisriederplatz in the direction of Albisrieden, then 5 minutes on foot.
  • Tram line no. 14 to Stauffacher in the direction of Triemli, change to line 2 to Letzigrund in the direction of Schlieren.
  • Bus line no. 31 to Herdernstrasse in the direction of Bahnhof Altstetten, then 5 minutes on foot.
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Tram 3 does not go to Letzigrund - must get off at Albisriederplatz. Which I know is close enough but for out of town folks better be precise.

Yes sorry 3 goes to Albisriederplatz, i corrected my post, thx!

Tram 2 goes there and also bus 31 as far as I remember.

Tram E appears to be running every few minutes between 15:17 and 19:44. This between HB and Letzigrund Tram stop.

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The tram E direct to Letzigrund was perfect.


bus 31 from hb to herdernstrasse then walk there. not far. Youre never too old to be a Swiftie!

Yea, that’s on time …

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But did the Earth move for you that night?

But why have it in the middle of the day. Typical Zuich.Guess all those over 30 had to be in bed by 2000 uhr.

Eh? It wasn’t, it was in the evening.

Do you actually think before you post or just post for the sake of writing something?


Started at 19 and finished after 22… I call that evening? Supporting act at 17:45.

I suppose they wanted people to be able to travel back to west Switzerland which is good.


He probably had a nap and wasn’t fully awake yet?

I think it was also to conform to the quiet laws somewhat, it was midweek and rather loud.

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