KFC in Basel and other culinary swinishness

Am I dreaming? I didn’t see this in the News:

KFC is now in Basel?

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Yes, this triggered quiete an exciting flame war in the local Facebook group, it was entertaining to read :slight_smile:

It opened in March or April, we tried it with the kids, not too bad.

Having said that, if its fried chicken we personally prefer Popeyes (just next to the main train station)

Flame-grilled war, surely?

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What are the prices like? Do I need to pay in limbs or take out a mortgage?

Cheaper than Burgermeister chicken burger, on par or slightly cheaper than Popeyes.

If its pure fried chicken, Popeyes beats imho. If its chicken burger, Burgermeister is unbeatable (hands down the best burgers in Switzerland btw)

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I’ve never tried it. Now I have 2 places to go to try and eat at!

Burgermeister are truly special. I believe they’re originally a German company and everything from the bun through the patty and sauce and condiments is exceptionally good. I don’t say this lightly.

Popeyes is classic, lovely hungover food, I’m personally a fan :slight_smile:

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If you were to recommend a meal from each of the 3 venues, what would you suggest?

I think burgermeister has slightly different menus in its locations, but I’m partial to the truffle burger with chilli fries. They also have brooklyn lager on tap, which goes pretty well with the fries :slight_smile:

At popeyes, the spicy wings, the deluxe burger are great. My son ordered a wrap and was disappointed by the size (it was really mini) which was my case with the cheesecake (well made, really small portion)

At kfc i dont even remember what bucket we ordered, it had various pieces, all were quite fine, but again, i prefer the seasoning at popeyes

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Thanks. Keen to try both Popeyes and Burgermeister! :slight_smile:

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About 35 chf a bucket if I remember correctly (could be 50 if you take the biggest one). I am not a big fan but it is OK from time to time. Kids will love it. (in our case, it’s actually a bit frustrating to see how much they enjoy the greasy stuff compared to my baked chicken wings and drumsticks :joy:) Best KFC’s chicken was in Barcelona though. (or maybe I was really hungry after waiting a few hours only to get into Sagrada Familia)

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I’m a big fan of fast food like KFC, BK, McD.

Thankfully for my health, KFC was difficult to get in CH. Though I stopped eating it for a long time after I over-induged in KFC at some dubious airport branch and felt quite sick.


In that case you probably know Sofra ( 2 min down from kfc, next to barfüsserplatz) which I consider the best Doner in Basel…definitely better than KFC! Unfortunately the lovely couple who owned the place retired and sold it however the quality has remained top.

I don’t know why but KFC in Switzerland is tasteless. There’s a lot of seasoning on top of the meat, but the meat itself is tasteless like a paper.

Sadly not, I normally cook at home and don’t each out much (in the order of once per year). Though maybe I should change that up.

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Well, not exactly like paper but it is less tasty than in other places, I agree.
And thanks, I thought it was only me!! :slight_smile:

Maybe Swiss meat is missing that unmistakable tang of additives and preservatives that give it that tasty boost in other parts of the world? :nauseated_face:


We don’t buy chicken in Switzerland, but back when we were not always a stone’s throw from a French supermarket we would do on occasion, even though it was three times the price. Worst though, it just had no flavour. So yeah, it may simply be that they’re using flavourless Swiss chickens.

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I grew up eating at KFC in the states and then hearing the stories of poor quality and hygiene involved in cooking the product. I still haven’t recovered from the shock.


KFC Social media says the chicken comes from Switzerland: “100% Swiss Chicken”.

Since when have people started believing social media? Gullible is one word…

Most comes from Europe’s food factory, The Netherlands, where quality is not a quality and taste is secondary.

Chicken from Holland

There are currently eight KFC branches in Switzerland. KFC offers its guests all variations of fried chicken. The American fast food chain opened its first Swiss branch at the end of 2017. At that time, there was criticism that the chicken meat came 100% from abroad. Not much has changed so far.

“KFC sources the majority of its chicken meat from Holland,” KFC Switzerland announced upon request. However, Swiss chicken is used in some burgers. And as part of the current “Hot & Spicy Originals Promotion” (from October 23rd to November 23rd), the chicken in some other dishes currently comes from Switzerland, they say. KFC Switzerland does not disclose how large or how small the proportion of Swiss chicken is. So does the marginal proportion of Swiss chicken meat at KFC serve primarily for advertising purposes and to cultivate its image?

Read here

Switzerland does not have the obesity problems associated with fast food consumption which plagues much of the rest of the world.

Surely, as foreigners (as many of us are), we shouldn’t be encouraging this with our own food desires?