Name and shame EV Charger blocking

Hi have you ever got upset about someone blocking EV chargers without using them?

Usually these are ICE cars but not today. Today I had a tesla blocking 2 charging ports while chargin in that she/he plugged the cable of the other charging station - drawing the cable across the neighbouring bay - just because it was easier or something. As the cable was across the other bay, it is impossible to have been an honest mistake.

Name and shame: xxx

Black Tesla model Y.

Considering that license plates are usually public, so you can look up the name/address, I think you’ll find that the mods will take this thread down REALLY quickly…

That said, I want to try this:…er-electro-car

Grrr! One of my pet hates, parking for normal cars is becoming rarer and rarer around here. They are all being replaced by Bike lanes and EV chargers and outside seating and car share parking and woe betide you needing to plonk your car somewhere.

I do have a Handwerkerausweis, meaning I can theoretically park where I want as long as it is not on a handycap space or bike lane or a total Halteverbot.

Last week I was unloading and loading and the car was parked with Handwerkerausweis showing on a car share spot....That should not be a problem. Came back to a 55 Euro fine.. so next time I am parking on the pavement, screw them.

Where was this? Not a Tesla Supercharger??

The expression is 'being iced'. But what is it for an EV?

I have found that when someone is being a jerk or in some other way negative towards others, it is best to consider that perhaps they are struggling with their own possibly serious issues.

Maybe Nicholas has a sick child or spouse, perhaps he's struggling finding work and was running late and didn't have time to think things through, perhaps he just learned that a family member or friend died. Life is hard for everybody.

Now at some point you we may come to learn that Nicholas is just a childish, entitled, self-centered asshat. But until we've learned that maybe we should be patient and sympathetic.

At least, this is how I try to operate in this unbelievably f'ed up world. Sometimes I even succeed.

Maybe the port on the bay he was parked on was a dud and, rather than go in and out to the working bay, he drew the working one over to him?

Switzerland police is getting crazy indeed

Nope, wasn't the case. Hardly but I did manage to strecht the other cable to fir my car...

Of course now if Nocholas leaves before me, people will think I am the jerk

You need to be Swiss about this and leave a Post-it on your car explaining...

I wish I had your zen attitude... do you meditate? (seriously, no sarcasm)

Guys, you cannot post people's personal details on here for legal reasons. You're not even allowed to post your own e.g email address, phone number etc..


Those permits are continually abused. Had an interesting conversation with a chimney sweep parked on a cycle lane lane last week. He was unhelpful until I said that I had taken a photo and would be reporting it unless he moved. How about you park in a designated parking place like everyone else - you are only allowed in other places for unloading/loading?

I’ve squeezed my little Skoda in between two giant SUVs* on rainy days, only to come back later after they have left to discover that I am on or over the line (and liable for a fine).

So was I in the wrong?

*One had reversed in so both of the drivers would have had a real squeeze getting in. But neither had marked my car.

AFAIK chargers are a for profit business. The business operating the charger would be quite interested in the missing revenue caused by someone blocking 2 chargers while only using 1.

Sending a pic to the charger operator could be a bit more fruitful than getting in troubles with privacy laws.

I pay for a space in a shared office car park. Half of the pooled spots have by now wall chargers. As I really dont want to ice anyone do I what 85% of cars do and squeeze into the other 50% of slots... the EV slots are mostly empty but the ones which are not are regularly Teslas or various hybrids that arent even plugged in. Even if they were: people work for 8 hours and there is no way that your tiny battery in the pseudo hybrids need that long to fill up...

The more wall plugs there are, the more am I tempted to block one...

True, but the company pays almost a grand for the right of the techs to be able to park where they need to. Normally I do tend to park in a designated space and stick the Ausweis in the window. But due to the amount of people trying to park on the few remaining spaces I park where needed. I am not going to lug a hundred kilos of equipment from two tram stops away.

No meditation, I just try to be rational and recognize that of all the things that happen in this world, almost none of them have anything to do with me. Sometimes I succeed.

That is not a right to park on cycle lanes, footpaths, private parking spaces etc etc. Just buy a trolley.

This. I own an EV and have done this before, but only when the charger is not working. The logic is that this way I can signal to others that they should use another spot instead of wasting time parking and finding out the hard way. I do wish that the local app would add a feature by which you could signal to others that the charging bay isn’t working in something like real time and then the network would use that information to inform their repair lists. But this is not yet a reality.

Actually, the more charging bays in a particular garage like that, the more likely it is that there is management of the charging, so that different cars are actually charging at different times, even if they are all plugged in. That way all the cars get charged by 5 pm, or overnight, but the electrical service to the garage is still reasonable. If all those cars charged at the same time first thing, then the system load would be huge.