New Dr. Who series

started last Saturday on BBC One and nobody told me.

Last time I saw it, Tom Baker was the Doctor. Have I missed much?

WHO? Aren’t they in Geneva?

Not really sadly.

What do you think of the new series? I’m undecided after three episodes. It’s so so

No longer science fiction, it is a comedy

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They’re trying to reach a younger demo? It’s still ok but I’m watching mainly cos OH is a die hard doctor fan so….

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Yes, since about 1970.

Got too “woke” for my taste.


I kind of like the new Dr Who speaks with a bit of a Fife accent as he was bought up in Dunfermline.

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Personally I would have preferred the former 1st Minister of Scotland, namely Humza Yousaf to become the new Dr Who.

Tell me your worked for UN without telling me you worked for UN.

I didn’t work for the UN even when I wasn’t working for the UN.

I did work for an International Organisation in Geneva but it was non-governmental.

Could it be for the Geneva based International law enforcement agency called “Nemesis” by some chance ??

I must have mistaken you for someone else who mentioned it only a few times too many on the old forum.

Yes, they started to have women and blacks as the “doctors”!
If you want to be fair, it got “woke” since the 13th “doctor” Jodie Whittaker.
Anyway, never my favourite, but my s-i-l loves it.

Perhaps. On occasion I did respond to questions about the CdL vs Permits but fairly certain I never mentioned my ex-employer. I had a permit though.

I don’t mind the new guy, pity the new „companion“ is going to be replaced though. Jodie Whittaker was a step too far fir my taste, and again not because she is a woman but Dr. Who will always be a time lord and not a time lady, just like James Bond will always be a muy macho kind of guy and not a black, lesbian Muslim woman.
I would have liked to see a spin off series around The Doctor‘s Daughter though.

Just watched the episode: The Devil’s Chord and the weirdest Dr. Who since… ever.

Ahh…a Dr. Who and James Bond purist! :slight_smile: I guess some people liked it though. We’re often resistant to ideas that proved to be not so bad?..I guess. And Jodie Whittaker is cool, I’ve seen her in other movies.