Swiss Weather!

Walking, riding a bike, gardening, where to see those yellow autumn leaves or flowers from fruit trees in the spring…it’s beautiful outdoors around here, right?.

Only caveat, all that beauty is gated by the weather. Epic hikes, but rain can make them from uncomfortable to downright dangerous. Ski is awesome, not so much at -18°C and the chairlift swings causing motion sickness. Nothing to talk around the table? Weather is epitome of small talk, so let’s begin.

Yesterday we were in Milano. I was enjoying the afternoon and phone starts making noises. I have deactivated all notifications save from work and weather. What could it be? It was the MeteoSwiss app. Snow alert for Alto Ticino (the south end of Gotthard tunnel) from 21h00 until this morning. We drove back a bit earlier and it was already heavy snow. Road was clear and easy to drive, but it could get interesting within 1 hour if the snow kept falling like that.

The Swiss meteorological service is great. Available for android, iphone and via any web browser at Apps and website are also available in English.

By the way, more snow today in Ticino and Graubünden. Police recommends to make sure all cars are properly equipped. Ever wondered about snow chains? Today is one of those days over there. Police will be checking for snow chains at some points. Or just take it easy and enjoy warm drinks at home.

Pay attention to the weather and enjoy beautiful Switzerland.


Thanks for the tip about the app.

I used your link to load my Android. The download started OK then it wanted me to go through some complex process to prove who I am. I lost patience and cancelled the process.

The app installed anyway and works fine, thanks again.

You’re welcome.

Forgot 1 important detail. To receive the alerts you need to add the sites of your interest. Either by town name or zip code.

Hope it doesn’t snow here, the daffodils don’t like it.

It was a good read. I don’t do much hiking, my psychological health is yet affected by the grey doom that starts mid autumn and ends mid spring. I know people fight it by going abroad up to the mountains or taking vacations abroad.
It’s still far better here that in other parts of Eurasia but yeah I wish there was more sun.
In summer time yet Switzerland is a paradise to me.

And you are not the only one. I thought on the other side of Röstigraben is usually a bit sunnier (which would have been a good reason to consider a move there)…around here you don’t really get the feeling there’s actually spring. IMO. Still hoping…:slight_smile:

Been using the MeteoSwiss app for years, and second (or third) earlier comments - it’s proven to be the best of any of the forecasts I use. I just clicked on their website and found that there is actually more, and useful, information there wrt snow forecasts, e.g. so will be checking it a bt more often.

Glorious sunny day here today with some fresh snow from Thurday/Friday, just on my way out to try my new fat skis.


Ha! Foggy day here but who knows…:slight_smile: And I was complaining about the last weeks/months! :grinning:

Gorgeous sunny day here as well.

I think we’ve only had two days with fog so far this whole winter.

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It was still foggy here when I wrote that post, but luckily…we have a “sunny weather” now too (albeit a little bit cold and windy, so you still need a proper jacket for instance…) Yay.

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Enjoying the sun? I was surprised this morning by a hornet. They are coming back from their sleep :slight_smile:

But, that thing called winter is not over yet. There’s a 15-20 degree temperature drop from Friday to Saturday. More importantly snow line down to 900m during Saturday and down to 600m from Saturday to Sunday. Hope you still have winter tires on your car :stuck_out_tongue:

> Meteosuisse report in FR

Meteosuisse report in DE

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More importantly, I haven’t put the powder skis away yet. Should be a great weekend.


Bugger. Was congratulating myself for beating the rush and easily getting an appointment. That’ll learn me… :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Today was a real mixture.

We had hail, snow, rain and even a warm sunny blue sky period in which I managed a run in shorts and a T-shirt (before the heavens opened again with sleet).

Crazy today. And cold. We have 6 degrees or so.

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We also had a nice sunny period today when it was warm enough to walk without a coat.

Rest of the week looks good, I might wake my convertible out of its winter hibernation on Tuesday and take to the open road.


Lovely weather here, let’s hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:

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Hope none of you is traveling today to Ticino.

Snow is falling on the south side of the Gotthard tunnel and roads are full of tourists with no winter tires and probably unaware of the lovely weather. So far, warning level 3 in Meteosuisse.

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Good lord. Practically hurricane here…mountains barely visible, sky white with dust. The Weather Watcher predicted this last Monday, so I had tied up all the newly opened narcissus that I was planning for the Easter table. All potted plants taken to shelter.
Covers on outdoor lights flew off, heavy folding wooden chairs collapsed, flapping shutters slipped their dogs and had to be tied up. No relief until Monday, when it snows!!

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It’s crazy. It all looks like there is thick fog. Particulates levels literally off the chart.