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I do believe that I’ve read that Chinese EV generally charge slower because few people use them for long-distance travel (trains are used for that).

So, these are commuter-cars really.

But: we have to get those 40m+ ICE (mostly) commuter-cars off the street in Germany, where most people spend at most 10-20k per car (and it has to last for many years).

These people aren’t going to start buying used EQSs, just because they’ve come down to 50% or less of their MSRP within two years.

Today morning i had a notification on my Tesla Model X saying “Vehicle coolant is low” and to schedule a service. I use the app and ask for estimates. After few minutes i got a whopping 800 chf offer for this service.

Just wondering if this is the right price and correct service…i was thinking of filling the coolant by myself but dont want to jeopardise the warranty.

Any experience?

The coolant is usually replaced every 4 years (flush and replace) and should cost around CHF 300 for that service. So there is no way a simple top up is CHF 800.

The fact that you’re getting a warning is worrying since it could indicate a coolant leak, and if its leaking anywhere near the battery then topping it up could exacerbate the issue.

I would get them to check it out as a leak should be a warranty issue (assuming it didn’t result from a collision). And once its being checked out at the service centre, you will get an alert on the app telling you what they found, and if any non warranty work is necessary, they will also tell you how much and ask for approval to proceed.

Good luck

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Here you go.

Apparently, VW ID.6 imported from China for personal use by the importer himself are road legal and will be immatriculated just fine. After proper inspection, I gather.

Of course VW won’t like it one bit. There may be problems later on, including on warranty and spare parts. But considering the price difference that might be worth the risk.

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What? Apparently the testing for 1 car is “expensive”. So, the price difference should be relatively large to compensate for the testing and approval process in CH.

The VW ID.6 that was spotted in Zurich is one such case. The vehicle had been tested by a FEDRO-approved test center. “The report was able to prove that the vehicle meets the technical requirements applicable in Switzerland,” says Rohrbach. On this basis, the Zurich Road Traffic Office approved the vehicle.

I got curious and there are several ID.6 with less than 1’000 km currently on sale in Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia. The ID.6 is not on sale on any of these countries. On top of that, VW pulled out of Russia last year. So, these cars should have interesting stories behind them.

There’s no “hard” price difference before the car actually gets sold locally. But prices for the other models allow an estimate, and for some enthusiasts that’ll be largely immaterial in the first place.

The issue, WRT to the German cases (e.g. this and this)
is trade mark, VW posits that commercial(!) traders can’t sell what VW doesn’t sell already without breaking VW’s trademark rights.

But that’s immaterial for private persons. If you buy your ID.6 in China (with or without te intent to import it to EU/EFTA) you’re not trading and therefore not infringing VW’s rights because you’ve acquired the right to do whatever with that particular vehicle when you bought it from an authorised Chinese dealer. That’s why Zürich has no problem with its immatriculation as long as the technical specifications suffice.

So if you bought any of the cars you mention, you’d risk getting your car confiscated and destroyed (without recompense) as well because they’re EU traders.

Since I wrote “EU traders” above, I want to add that I wouldn’t chance buying from a Swiss trader either. CH is very much integrated with the EU, the different nationality seems unlikely to make a difference.


Fisker, US EV automaker, bankrupt for a 2nd time.

I got curious because I’ve seen a Fisker Karma near the AG/SO border. There are currently 6 new Fisker Ocean (SUV), 1 used Ocean and 4 used Karma (4-door sedan) on sale on Sorry for the small garage holding the bag.

A search in the Swiss VAT index shows that the local distributor (Fisker Switzerland Sales GmbH) is already linked to well-known undertakers…errrrr, lawyers specialized in liquidating companies.

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EU to play Uno reverse card on China. Erect tariff walls on EVs and coerce China to form JVs in EU and force technology transfers to EU partners:

The software was not ready apparently. Not at all.

And the hardware also wasn’t all that great either.

Fisker, like Mercedes, gave themselves a wonderful range by using massive batteries - 113kWh for the Ocean. It’s a two-edged sword giving great range but unnecessary extra weight. Who can drive 700kms without a stop??

Keeping in mind the source:


Interesting take on BYD:

While I understand the desire to protect local manufacturing, preventing competition is probably the wrong answer. Better would be to limit the competition and allow a small but increasing quota to force local competitors to up their game.

That confirms the car industry bloodbath given by Trump a few month back as reason for the 100% tarriffs.

I thought fighting the CO2 emissions had the topmost
urgence in the EU, but suddenly cheap EVs for the masses are taxed out by punishing duties.


That only applies to cars exported from China, not for example cars exported from BYD’s new plant in Turkey which are tax-free.

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Same for the tariffs on Chinese solar panels. The cars I can understand to some degree as there is a large auto industry that they want to protect, but I can’t see anyone else manufacturing huge amounts of solar panels. If China wants to subsidise solar and sell it to us on the cheap, then let them!

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That’s right. Let’s put all of our eggs in one basket.

If China wants to subsidise solar and sell it to us on the cheap, then let them!

This is quite interesting actually. Not even one EV maker in the top 10 least problematic producers. I was under a very different impression, this is revealing.