Vaccines are really necessary

Florida school’s measles outbreak points to growing danger amid vaccine skepticism

So far six students from Manatee Bay Elementary School in Broward County have tested positive for the disease.

“I think there will be more outbreaks — I think that because there has been a very loud pushback against COVID vaccination and boosters and other vaccines. There’s a whole anti-vax movement,” said Annette Anderson, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy School.

At least 8,500 U.S. schools have vaccination rates among kindergarteners that are lower than 95 percent, according to a CBS News investigation, a standard the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is needed to keep students and the community safe.

Back in the early 2000s, measles was considered eradicated in the U.S. because of the effectiveness and high coverage of the vaccine but stupid people are dragging it back.

This is bullshit. His scepticism was about the mRNA vaccines.


I assume you either did not read my post or failed to understand it.

I quote from my post
““I think there will be more outbreaks — I think that because there has been a very loud pushback against COVID vaccination and boosters and other vaccines. There’s a whole anti-vax movement,” said Annette Anderson, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy School.”

I read your uncalled for - what would you call it? - “ad hominem” against TC. Funny how you are one regularly complaining about this, yet you are happy to dish out. Bullshit.

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As endorsed by the Johns Hopkins centre it is clear that TC and his ilk by attacking the use of mRNA vaccines have turned many people against vaccination.

The result is that innocent young people died and continue to die due to not being vaccinated.

I find this to be deplorable so am calling out TC for publishing his fact-free biases but we all have different views about what is important in life so do continue to prioritise ad-hominem over unnecessary child deaths.

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A groan for a moronic post.

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I also had scepticism about the COVID Vaccines, still do in fact. And yet I am pro all other vaccines and we are all highly vaccinated.

There has always been a movement of parents not wanting to vaccinate their children and yes perhaps after all that happened with COVID people question things more.

In any case I find your call out of TC inappropriate and just inflammatory and I wish I could groan at you.


And just to be clear as this is a Swiss Forum - the BAG (Health Ministry) does not recommend vaccination for people under 65 not considered high risk.

What recommendations apply for the rest of the population?

For all other persons under the age of 65, there is no recommendation to get a COVID-19 vaccination this autumn/winter. For such persons, the vaccination will provide moderate short-term protection from contracting and developing mild COVID-19.


For the sake of my own sanity, I avoided most of the spectacular flamewar that was the EF covid thread. [1]

As a relatively neutral observer, I think the biggest problem was that the issue became polarizing and became a religion rather than an problem to be resolved. Esp. since it was a complicated issue that many people looked at with too narrow perspectives.

I think it would be unfair to lay the blame of anti-vax on TC. In discussions I had with most people in the real world, the main cause of people not vaccinating (admittedly anecdotal) has been to push back against the heavy handed approach to coerce people to vaccinate. I guess it is human nature: tell people that they have to do something and they will do the opposite.

  1. Fun fact: That was the longest ever EF thread with ~36k posts. It was also one I decided not to archive :wink: ↩︎


I wish likewise, I am against all anti-vaxxers and their cohorts.

mRNA vaccines have proven to be extremely safe and effective, you have no solid foundation for any skepticism as is proven by your failure to give any grounds for your belief.

What exactly does " perhaps after all that happened with COVID" mean in plain English?

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I remember your extreme and irrational views on this topic. You called me anti-vaxx on EF because I voiced opposition to the certificate mandate in restaurants as there was zero evidence that it worked.


Nobody was coerced, where is your evidence of heavy-handed versus sensible precautions?

Not allowing people to enter certain countries without vaccination is a worldwide standard, look at all the countries that require yellow fever vaccination and/or polio and meningococcal meningitis.

TC was a valid example, not a root cause.

Oh, nobody had a gun to their head, but I had to show my COVID Vaccination certificate to fly, I had to present it to eat out, etc…

That was soft tyranny, “for your own good” kind of crap which is just as bad as a gun to your head.


I think TC is Tony Clifton on the old EF site? I saw him get temporarily banned for expressing his skepticism and providing “misinformation” in support of it. I found his temporary ban completely unacceptable and his skepticism, while perhaps poorly expressed, entirely appropriate.

I worry about mRNA vaccines as well, and I’ve been hesitant to take any further vaccine for fear that the mRNA technology is being used in them.

The whole mRNA thing may be a miraculous medical advancement, but its first wide introduction to the general population lacked a certain degree of scientific and medical integrity.

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The certificate mandate in restaurants was a sensible precaution.
It was not possible to collect evidence that it worked until it was in place for a reasonable time.

You claimed zero evidence it worked without providing any source.

Here is a non extreme and rational study published in Nature

Investigating the epidemiological and economic effects of a third-party certification policy for restaurants with COVID-19 prevention measures

The policy successfully reduced the number of [Covid] infections in the targeted prefecture by roughly 45.3%.

I assume you have facts to back this claim, probably not.

Look, I am not interested in relitigating this topic for the 3rd time. I just thought that your shitting on TC was uncalled for. I have disagreed with him often and I don’t mind a bit of banter and mocking - but he has never said anything against conventional vaccines.

So this is on you, marton.


No, no it wasn’t. Not even a little bit.

Plenty, starting with the rushed testing, the rapid release, the evidence of inefficacy being ignored and buried. And we don’t need to get into the entirely fabricated 2 meter social distancing recommendations, the plastic shields, the arrows on the ground at the supermarket.

I’d like to know how many lives those arrows saved…

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OK so no scientific rebuttal

The testing was not rushed, nothing was ignored or buried.

Here is a study on the benefit of social distancing.