Will you vote in the European elections on 9 June?

Dear fellow Europeans

I have not voted in elections to the European Parliament for a while, but today have requested my voting documents from the Fatherland to be sent here. Polls suggest that populist parties are likely to gain and I would like my vote to be cast for the sane pragmatists.

Elections are 6 - 9 June and if you would like to register as an expatriate voter, you have to do so at least 21 days before the election date.

Will you vote?

  • Yes, always do
  • Yes, after having not voted in earlier elections
  • Not sure
  • No, I don’t care enough
  • No, I am not eligible to vote
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There was talk recently of allowing non-resident Brits to vote, but I don’t recall if, or when, this is actually happening. In the meantime I’m just one of many disenfranchised folk both in my native land and my adopted one.

Must get round to starting the Swiss nationality process…

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Really? Why would that be considered?

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They wouldn’t be eligible for the European elections since the UK is no longer in the EU but Brits who have lived overseas for 15 years or more are now eligible to vote in UK elections.


It’s happened and you can register to vote in UK elections should you wish to do so.
Neither that nor Swiss nationality would make you eligible to vote in the European elections though as neither of them are in the EU.


Ah, OK. I misunderstood.

Easily done as the post wasn’t very clear.

Quite so, I hadn’t really given much thought to the particular elections being referred to, probably a result of being excluded from any elections for such a long time.

I suppose I should register to vote in the UK now that I can. I imagine that Brexit could conceivably have been avoided if all the UK citizens living in Europe had been allowed to vote at the time.

Not sure whether this applies to other EU countries as well, but when voting in Germany it is noteworthy that the 5% threshold that exists in national elections does not exist in the European election. This may be relevant info for people who hesitate to vote for a smaller party because they are afraid of wasting their vote.

Now let’s get back on topic and discuss UK/Brexit issues.

Let’s not!


That! It is such a bliss not having to read those rants of a certain person!

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In Germany, two persons - one of them a MEP - were attacked and beaten up yesterday by presumably right-wing youths when putting up election posters for the Green and Social Democratic party respectively. This is the atmosphere that is created by AfD, Lega, FN, PVV and all these asshole parties.

In Germany the AFD suffer more physical assaults than any other party so your point doesn’t make much sense…

Give me some evidence where the AfD has been physically assaulted? I can´t remember reading anything about that.
The only thing done is that there are marches against right (and interestingly again the radical left is not a thing they march against, but hey ho…).

Of course you wouldn’t have read much about it, as it doesn’t fit the narrative

And a (DE) news article explaining it clearly:

Let me know if that’s enough evidence :wink:

I am happy to include Antifa and some commies into the list of asshole parties.

I also remember how Tino Chrupalla, AfD co-chair, possibly made up an attack against him last year.

Thanks for reminding me about the European elections, komso, as I have to register for that and I could have just passed this opportunity by.


The lack of reporting by the partisan media is actually part of the problem. Attacks against the left are made frontpage news while those against the right are outright ignored. Your ignorance (Unwissenheit) couldn’t demonstrate this any better.

The target group of attackers has recently shifted somewhat: while AfD representatives were the main target of hostility in 2019, it is now the Greens. According to preliminary figures, 478 cases were recorded nationwide for the AfD last year, 1219 for the Greens, 420 for the SPD and fewer for other parties - a total of 2790 such offences were reported, as the government announced in response to an AfD enquiry. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

And, from the same article below, but barely anybody reads that far nowadays:

The AfD is also the target of attacks: In Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, an AfD member of the state parliament was beaten at an information stand on Saturday morning, according to police reports. In Dresden, two 23-year-old women and a 28-year-old man suddenly attacked an information stand of the party on Saturday and damaged stands, posters and a table, as the police reported on Sunday. The operator of the stand was not injured. The police caught the suspects following information from witnesses.

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