Swiss Weather!

Money for Nothing? Or maybe “Down to the Waterline” is more appropriate.

I read today they plan to reopen the San Bernardino Pass highway by mid-July, I hope this is correct I much prefer that route versus the Gotthard.

In Central Switzerland, we were plagued by sharp winds and threat of downpours yesterday, but the day remained dry. Tonight I ended up getting soaked on my longish bike ride. You just can’t win.
By the way, this weather has been brutal to my hair. The perpetual humidity is making it more frizzy than usual.

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OMG yes! My hair’s not good with loads of product so it’s been a French plait or bun for the entire summer so far.

I gave up and slathered mine with argan smoothing creme and let it dry by itself…perfect soft ringlets. Angel hair.


My hair luvs the weather, nothing but proper ringlets. Only part of me who enoys the weather except maybe my eyes when looking into my garden with trees and bushes growing lush. That is if there is enough daylight to see it properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Still, as frustrating this non-summer is I guess I shouldn’t complain, we seem to be kind of protected here, neither storm nor water ever leaves any dammage so far.

Usually we start Rhine swimming in mid May but so far not one foot wet.

18C is below my comfort level and the river current is very strong due to so much rain.

There are warnings in place against swimming in the Rhone (including lac lemain) due to the water depth and strong flow. And because in the Valais a number of water treatment plants have been either destroyed or put out of service resulting in raw sewage being dumped into the Rhone.

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Here we go again! Make sure everything’s battened down or put safely indoors and stay safe out there!

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It was quite something, the roads were like rivers in Neuchâtel.

Crashing thunderstorms from the Rätikon every night…garden loves it!

And once more warnings out for the western part of the country.

A couple of weeks ago, @slammer was lucky to get to the Bielerhöhe up the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse. Unfortunately, last week/weekend, a massive landslide closed the strasse for the rest of the summer. Some of the tight bends are under 14 meters of rock. Disaster for the hoteliers up there…

Oh wow! Did not know that, you can get up to Bielerhöhe from Galtür though I read.